The standard street lights are fast getting replaced with LED, which doesn't break easily, consumes fewer units of energy and doesn't get too high temperatures. So you can get increased ROI on your solar street lighting with LED fixtures as they offer better illumination and save money.

The all-in-one solar street light comes with various other components which efficiently combine surveillance & night lighting without additional costs apart from installing CCTV cameras. Since they are stand-alone structures, you can easily install other smart features without additional power lines, whether GPS signals, Wi-Fi or 5G networking or a remote management system. The possibilities can be unlimited by using all-in-one solar street lights.


All-In-One Solar Street Light Maintenance 

As the all-in-one solar street light involves advanced technology, the maintenance requirements would be accordingly compared to traditional street lights. Their operation and working procedure can have a  great impact on solar lighting. Moreover, the location of the solar lighting can affect solar street lights too. In high-temperature areas, you should consider not only the temperature but also the dust accumulation.

But if you have installed them in cold temperature regions, you have to consider the snowfalls, leaves and bird droppings as the maintenance factors. Since solar lights are low-maintenance structures, you might be wondering why you need to give them proper maintenance. Read on to know how you can enhance their efficiency and lifespan with easy and effective maintenance tips.

Solar Street Light Maintenance Tips

In one, Solar street lights are connected with solar batteries, which store electricity with the energy generated from the solar panels. These solar panels can lose their efficiency if the sunlight is blocked, mostly due to the accumulation of dirt, debris, heat, snow and other bird droppings. Although no thumb rules apply to how often you should clean the solar street light panels, you should get them cleaned every 6 months if there is lots of dust in your area to ensure the panels are charged efficiently. Here are some common maintenance requirements you need to keep up with


1.     Look Out for Abnormal Function

Always check the indicator on the sensor in the solar street light. When the green lights blink fast, know that they function normally and charge. Slow-blinking green lights mean the battery is fully charged and functioning normally. When the red light is on, know that the battery is over-discharged and when it's flashing slowly, know that either the light source cable is wrongly wired or the LED function is abnormal. Fast red flashing means the street light is not functioning normally. If there is no indicator signal, that means the battery is dead, or the cables are not connected well. Call the technician for troubleshooting if it can't be solved by powering up the battery.


2.     Clean Up the Solar Panels

Solar street lights are outdoor structures with a lot of smart all-in-one components. So they accumulate dust and fine particles on the glass surface and the cameras or light lenses. This can affect their work efficiency. So use a soft brush or soapy water to wipe off dust and wash off large particles with clean water before drying off the components with a dry cloth to eliminate any water spots.

3.     Avoid the Solar Panels Being Blocked

When the solar street lights are facing in the wrong direction and are unable to receive enough sunshine, they frequently stop working. Regularly check your lights to ensure they are pointing in the appropriate direction and that nothing prevents them from receiving direct sunlight. If you discover that your light isn't receiving as much sunlight as it once did, you may need to move it or remove any objects obstructing it.


4.     Clean Up the Modules

You may notice that your all-in-one solar street lights are getting dim. This could be due to the surface modules being covered in debris or dust as they are exposed to the outdoor environment. Take off the lamp housing to clean them with soapy water and wash them off with clean water before drying them off to make them shinier.


5.     Keep Up Checking the Battery Safety

The electric output of the solar street light may be significantly reduced by corrosion on the battery or its connections. Carefully remove the battery from the fixture to inspect it, and then look for any dust or light corrosion near the connectors and other metallic components. If the corrosion can't be removed and most of the battery is corroded, you should replace it.

5 Amazing Tips to Clean All in One Solar Street Light

When engaging in solar street light maintenance, you should know about electrical principles, solar energy and light electronics. You can call up a professional technician for troubleshooting. Make sure to give maintenance effort to prolong the street lights' lifespan so they stay in good working condition.