The solar street lights are powered by solar panels integrated into the pole. It has become the best alternative to other light types. Solar street lights are of two major types – integrated and semi-integrated. Between these, the rising demand is for semi-integrated solar lights due to their high efficiency and low operation cost. Therefore, it is now in the limelight and used extensively as Street lighting, security lighting, and farmhouse lighting.

The semi-integrated solar light is simply defined as a solar-powered LED lighting solution suitable to use at any location. In places where the power supply is not available completely, this can be the ultimate solution. In this article, we will focus on different aspects of semi-integrated solar street lights along with their working function, benefits and other factors.

Overview On Semi Integrated Solar Street Light

Solar street lights utilise solar cells and convert them into electrical energy. It works by converting solar radiation into electrical energy to provide light during the night time. It is manufactured with a high-grade light-emitting diode. It is a high-efficiency light with a conversion rate of 19%. The semi-integrated street light is hassle-free in terms of installation and reasonable. 

The semi-integrated solar street light has a controller, an integrated solar cell, and a battery. Mostly it is enabled with a Li-Ion battery and micro-controller-based charge controller. Its configuration makes it easier to install and affordable. Hence, it is suitable in remote and rural areas. It has become a beneficial aid for these areas which don't have electricity access.

The semi-integrated solar street light illumination is measured using a lux meter. The power is calculated to know the energy requirement. The solar light is automatically turned on for 12 hours. The average illumination of the semi-integrated light is 17.42 lux with a 6.97 lux deviation. The result also shows how much distance the light covers. Moreover, another best thing about it is it can provide a backup for two nights and works in the worst weather conditions.

What Is The Working Principle Of Semi Integrated Solar Street Lights?

The Semi Integrated Solar Street Lights' basic working principle is that it turns on and off automatically. When the lighting is enough during the morning to afternoon, the solar street light will turn off. Also, the solar cell charges the battery at this time. The street light will automatically turn off from the battery's stored energy during the nighttime. The

The semi-integrated solar light mainly comprises a solar cell, protecting circuit, battery, built-in battery management system, control circuit, LED lamp and LED driving circuit. The solar cells in the lamp are used to absorb the solar energy and convert it into electricity. Silicon crystalline solar cells have the highest efficiency of 27.6 %. The lamp uses a polycrystalline silicon solar cell to gain power. 

The protecting circuit protects the battery and solar cells from reverse currents. The battery management system is used to control the charging current from the solar cells. At the same time, the control circuit acts as a controller of the LED lamp to automatically turn off or on in the necessary conditions. This is how the complete semi-integrated solar street light system works.

What Are The Benefits Of Semi Integrated Solar Street Lights?

There are numerous benefits of semi-integrated Solar Street Lights based on their features. Let's check it out in detail.

  • Low Operation Cost 

The foremost benefit is that it is cost-effective. When you compare it to traditional solar lights, which are integrated with lead batteries, semi-integrated solar lights are very affordable. Moreover, it doesn't require any extra power supply, and the running cost is zero.

  • Compact Design 

It has a solid design with an in-built Li-on battery. Therefore, you don't need heavy boxes to store the batteries.

  • Enhanced Safety 

The semi-integrated solar street lights are not connected to any external grid. Hence, the installation is not complex. Even during worst conditions like power surges, it remains on and safe.

  • No Fear Of Theft And Damage 

It is integrated with the Li-Ion battery, which remains in the fixture. Due to this feature, the damage chances are less. Also, theft chances can be reduced as there is no external wiring with the pole.

  • Can Be Installed Anywhere 

The installation process is flexible and easily installed anywhere. Therefore, it is best suitable for rural locations. Moreover, with no external grid required, it is also suitable for office roofs, parking areas and remote locations.

  • Quick Installation Process 

There are no hassles of trenching over the power lines to extend it to the pole or running wires on the street lights. Hence, the installation process is quicker. Moreover, the process is too easy. It can be directly installed on poles.

The working efficiency and the beneficial aids of semi-integrated solar street lights are the reason behind their massive application along the streets of various locations.

What Is a Semi-Integrated Solar Street Light?