Solar Cold Storage Systems


Ultrathon has developed a low-cost Standalone Solar power solution ULTRACOOL for operating small cold storages upto 5MT capacity for rural areas.

This product is changing the cold chain infrastructure in most effective manner.

UltraCool is a small-scale Solar Cold Storage system for agriculture and horticulture requirements. This off-grid cold storage enables farm level cooling of perishable commodities.

With no requirement of either a battery or diesel, UltraCool has a low maintenance cost.
Our cold storage are hybrid in design and can be used when there is no sunlight. Thanks to the thermal energy storage which is an integral part of our system.

There is absolutely no running cost for Ultra Cool and it operates solely on Solar Power. However, Grid and DG Sync can also be incorporated if required. The entire system can be operated and managed remotely.

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Unique thermal

Unique thermal energy-based technology for optimum compressor usage. Provides you low-cost, battery-less backup of up to 30 hours. This will help farmers to reap the extra profits from their vegetables as this cold storage will reduce wastage and ensure better value for the produce.

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Refrigeration system

Refrigeration system consisting of condensing unit and evaporating unit working on vapour compression cycle. The condensing unit generates cooling energy which can be used for charging the thermal energy storage system and to provide cooling to the cold storage depending upon design of the Solar Cold Storage system.